How To Restring Milwaukee M18 String Grass Trimmer Weed Eater EASY WAYTO ADD STRING

Hello, everyone. This is Justad today, I'm going to show you how to restring this Milwaukee cordless, battery-powered weed eater. It is very simple, okay? So I like to bring it in my shed. First thing I do is I just kind of brush off some of the grass. 

How To Restring Milwaukee M18 String Grass Trimmer
How To Restring Milwaukee M18 String Grass Trimmer 

It makes it easier to work with. You don't want to get that of grass down in there. Okay, so hopefully when you were empty that string, it just all came out and you don't have anything left. This is the easiest way to restricting it is for all the string to be gone. So we're going to line up these red marks, turn it on its side. 

You can turn this and just line up those red marks right there. You can see both sides of the red marks are lined up. Now we're going to feed our string through there. Okay, so I've got the manual. Milwaukee takes 20ft of zero 95 line or 25ft of point 80 line. Okay, so people ask me, what's the best you need 20ft of this string. What's the best way to get the 20ft? So your arm span, when you reach your arms out, that's almost sometimes 6ft, but it's usually around 5ft.

Milwaukee M18 String Grass  

So just take the string in one hand and then just go like this. That's 5ft. So 510, 15 and 20. Give it a cut. Right. Now the red line that comes with it, this is point 80.

So once you have 25ft of it, you're just going to take one end of the 25ft and you're going to string it through. Once the lines are marked up, you're going to push this through till it comes out the other side. The same hole there. See how simple that was? Now pull equal amounts. You want the same length on each side.

I've got equal parts. Now it's ready to wind. So you see these big arrows that say wind. You're going to hold the base. You got to hold this base and turn this top. That's going to wind the string in there. It does a really good job on the inside, winding it up.

It's going to bring it in on both sides equally. So just turn this cap according to the arrows, which is clockwise. While you're holding this part, you don't want the whole thing to turn. So hold that. Very simple. Turn it in. 

So when you get close down to the end, leave a little bit out. That's about the right link there. If you don't want too much, it'll get all wound up inside here. That's the cutter. So when it goes around, it's going to be cut on that thing. And then there's the right amount. So at this point you would be ready to go. 

Put your battery in, go out, bump it a few times, and it should be ready to go. To start weed eating, occasionally, you do have to take this cap off I have had sometimes where you want the string to go all out and then you can just put new string in. 

But sometimes the string will get bound up in there and when you're bump feeding, it's not coming out anymore. So I'm going to show you how to take this apart. It's very simple. There's a tang here and a tang on the other side. Push those in. 

This cap will pop up. It brings the string, it's wound on the spool inside this cap. So just take it all out. It's very simple just to start all over again. So if you got string wound up in here, just take it all off.

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Don't try to refeed it in here because it's so simple to ReFED it. Just take all the string off. Even you're going to see it goes through this little thing here. Take it all the way out. Now start with this and just put this back in. 

Okay, very simple. Put it in until it snaps on both sides. And it helps that they're lined up there. So start with the red marks lined up and then push it on. It will snap on there. Both sides are completely locked. Now just start all over again and line this up until the stream comes out on your side. 

There you go. And now make sure you got equal parts on each side and then just wind it up. Okay, so I've got the new string in there, so it's a good idea. Before you start weeding, give it a couple of bumps. So run it at full speed. Put it on the rabbit. That should have cut it at the proper length, given a few bumps. Okay, so our weather has new string in it.


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