UNBOXING & REVIEW Pyrex Glass Measuring Cup 3 Piece Set

Hello, everyone. This is just a dead. Today I'm going to do an unboxing and review on this pyrex glass measuring cup set. The threepiece set comes with a one cup, two cup and four cup. First thing, it says, don't use a utility knife.

UNBOXING & REVIEW Pyrex Glass Measuring Cup 3 Piece Set
UNBOXING & REVIEW Pyrex Glass Measuring Cup 3 Piece Set

UNBOXING & REVIEW Pyrex Glass Measuring Cup 3 Piece Set

So I'm not sure here. Maybe they're afraid you'll cut through. You could nick this glass and that might cause it. Yeah, so I definitely wouldn't stick a utility. And I'd weigh in there.

You could definitely nick these. This is a big box. So these are kind of heavy duty. This one's a little bit bigger than I thought. One quart, four cups. 

It's very thick. I really like the handle. It's all glass. That says it's microwave and oven safe. But the reason I got it, I like all the measurements. 

I want ounces, quartz cups, even two thirds of a quart I have, we got on the other side. Then we got milliliters and liters. Very easy to see. I like that for microwave use, not for stovetop. Okay. 

Bottom of it seems very flat. Pours.

 Really want this one. This is the one cup Ford eight ounce, one cup milliliters, 250. And it's got kind of in between on this one. This one feels really nice. And this is the pretty common two cup ounces cups. 

Cups. Looks like it's got the same cups on that. And we got 500. So, yeah. The smallest it measures is a quarter of a cup or 4oz. 

Small measure is a quarter cup. The same thing? Quarter cup and 2oz at least. 

And the smallest this measures is one cup or 8oz. Okay, so let's go over measurements. The two cup, the cup size is about four and a half. But with the handles, almost seven. The four cup all the way to the end of the handle is almost eight and a half. 

Inside is just five and a half. And the smallest one, from spout to handle six insides, about four. All of these are relatively surprisingly. The two cup is the tallest at four and a half. The four cups about four and a quarter. 

And the one cup is about three and a half.

 So hidden in the box, there is safety precautions, kind of a manual. This does warn about sudden temperature changes. Like if you've got it filled with ice and then you pour scolding hot water in there. It says it could crack if you drop it or knock it hard. It could. 

So it talks about the heat could transfer to the handle so your handle don't get burnt there. And it does say that they're all dishwasher safe. Okay, so I got some water in it. Let's play around. Let's see how it pours. 

Go too fast, but it's easy to see the markings.

Let's try the big one. Yeah, easy to see markings. Now, I do find this part to be kind of slippery, so be careful. This part is kind of slippery. Let's see how it pours. 

Pours. Okay, I have problems there at the first, this is the perfect size right here, the two cup. One is, like, the perfect size. 

It also seems like it pours the best because you're able to control it better.

Okay. Yeah, I like these smallest one seems to pour the worst. You get it going at a certain angle, it just kind of catches and runs down. 

Thanks for reading. 


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