SUN JOE Pressure Washer HOW TO ASSEMBLE - Review

Hello, everyone. This is just a dad. Today I'm going to show you how to put together the Sun Joe pressure washer. So here's, all the parts that came in the box does come with a manual. Make sure you find a little screw bag, a hose extension cord on it. 

SUN JOE Pressure Washer HOW TO ASSEMBLE - Review
SUN JOE Pressure Washer HOW TO ASSEMBLE - Review

SUN JOE Pressure Washer HOW TO ASSEMBLE - Review

So the first thing you're going to do is slide this in. There is some little holes there that this is going to slide into. And on the back side, there's two screws we're going to put out of that little bag. They're fillets head screws. 

So grab one. You're going to put it right there. And then you're going to tighten it down. 

We're going to put another one right here. And then we're going to put another one right here in the front. Okay, so next, find this piece. This piece has some things that are going to screw right on. It's going to get these little spots. 

That goes in right there. And we're going to put four screws from the back out of that same bag. Phillips head screws. 

Okay, so next fine, this is called the cord holder. It's going to slide onto this right there. And it snaps on. Okay, so next fine, this is called the trigger gun holder. So you're going to sleep again. 

It's got like, little grooves. You're just going to slide it on. You should click. And now find this part. This is called the spray wand protector. 

How to turn on Sun Joe pressure washer

It's got another little spot. It's going to slide on right there. Okay, so next we're going to put the spray wand together. There's these little grooves. You're going to line those grooves up.

 Now you got to push kind of hard. You want that to kind of collapse. Then turn the gun. Turn it until it stops. Now it's on there. 

Nice and good. Again, just reverse it. You're going to turn it the other way. Kind of push down, comes out. So the hard part is pushing this down and turning it. 

Okay, so next, find this part of your hose. You've got your water hose, your high pressure hose here that came with it. You're going to connect it to this. There's a little oring on there. Make sure you push that down. 

And then you're going to slide this on and screw it on. Get a little wrench and just make it snug nice and tight. Again. You don't want that super tight. Just get a crescent wrench and just give it a little snug. 

Make sure it's snug okay. So down here, take these two protective caps off. This is where the high pressure you're going to connect this to this port right here. You got to kind of push it in and then screw it. 

Sun Joe pressure washer nozzle Guide

So I found getting this one on to be kind of tricky. Now it might be kind of gross, but put a little spit on that piece that oring in the threads. You've got to push this on first. Then screw this. I did find this to be kind of tricky.

But again, if you put a little spit or actually quite a bit of saliva on here and it'll really make that hose go in there. You got to push the hose on and then turn this. Now we've got the garden hose adapter. Make sure it's got the oring here. And there's an orange in there. 

This is where the garden hose is going to hook up. And this is just hand tight. This is all plastic coming out of here. So be careful. You don't want to cross thread this. 

There you go. Nice and easy. And just hand tight there. We're going to hook our garden hose right to there. So on the back here, the unit came with this detergent tank already connected. 

So that's where it goes. It's already ready to go. It just slides right in there. Now, on the back of the manual, you may need to clean out the tips. So here we've got the different style tips.

Sun Joe pressure washer soap not working 

So sometimes those can clog, and that's what you use that piece of wire for. But to put the different style tips, this is a quick disconnect. You're going to pull that back until it pops on. If you don't get this on right, they'll just shoot off. And to get it off, pull that and it should come right off. 

Make that sure that snaps back up. So it does come with three tips, and they kind of explain that's a point. So it's called zero. That's a 40 degree fan, and the yellow one is a 15 deg fan. Now, there is a little storage right here for those extra tips. 

This is where they go. They're just going to snap on there. 

Yeah, they go in a little farther if you snap them down. So it did come with these two pieces I'm not going to be using. This is if you want to put a different style of pressure hose on it and different style of water pressure gun. But I'm not going to be using these. And there is one more spray. 

Nozzle, this kind of makes it go in a circle for really deep cleaning. So this can go on. There also. So over here on the cord, that's how you're going to store the cord when we plug it in. Okay, make sure you push this button, and that's the test button. 

But make sure this is pushed in so that your unit will operate. So we're going to plug it in and push that button. If we want to test the GFI, press that and that will pop out. Then to reset it, push that in. Okay.

 So I've got the electrical plug connected. I've got the garden hose connected here. Turn your garden hose on. Now, before I turn mine on, I like to get the air out of the system. So just pull the trigger before you turn the power switch on and you'll hear a bunch of air come out.

And make sure to do this till you get a nice steady stream with no air pockets. Okay, so now I'm ready to turn it on. It's going to turn on, build up pressure, and then stop. 

As you can see, it is very simple to operate. When it's got enough pressure on the line, it shuts off automatically. 

Thanks For Reding.

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