DEWALT vs MILWAUKEE Weed Eater Today I'm going to do a comparison between Milwaukee and DeWalt cordless weed eaters. So both of these are battery-powered. I've been using each of them for quite a while, and I've got things I like about both of them and things I don't like about both of them. 




Nowadays, there are many different kinds of tools found around our homes and workplaces. From lawnmowers to weed eaters, we humans have a lot of options when it comes to power tools. A weed eater is a tool that allows us to do two things: 1) clear our lawns of weeds (by killing them), and 2) use the grass clippings as fertilizers. In this article, we will be comparing these two different types of weed eaters in order to decide which one might be better for our needs.

DEWALT and Milwaukee are two of the most well-known names in the power tool industry. This article, however, is comparing their respective weed-eaters and giving you a guide on which one to buy based on your needs.

It's a struggle to find the best weed eater that can handle your landscaping needs, but it doesn't have to be. Take a closer look at DEWALT and MILWAUKEE weed eaters and decide which one is right for you.

When you're looking for a new tool, it's helpful to consider which one will work best for the job. If you're going to be breaking down logs and cutting branches, do you reach for a chainsaw or a weed eater? This article takes a look at DEWALT vs MILWAUKEE Weed Eater - a comparison of these two tools based on features, performance, and price.

milwaukee string trimmer manual

If you're in need of a dependable weed eater, Milwaukee and DEWALT are two of the top names in the industry. Categorized as electric string trimmers, these weed eaters have been proven to be more powerful than gas-powered models. Check out this comparison of the two brands to find out which one might best suit your needs!

This article reviews the DEWALT vs MILWAUKEE Weed Eater, a popular weed eater that costs $200 and up.

So the three main things that I find that I like most in a weed eater are, like, the ergonomics of how it feels in your hand and how it weed eats. The second one is battery life and how fast the batteries charge. And then maybe the third one, but sometimes it is number one is how easy it is to change the string, how easy it is to add a string to the head. 

Now, Milwaukee wins one of these categories. It wins the easiest one to restring. The DeWalt wins the two other categories, the ergonomics. And I feel like it does a better job, weed eating and also the battery. I feel like the batteries are just a little bit better and they charge faster. And maybe a fourth thing I found out is that Milwaukee has like, a longer reach. 

So the DeWalt one is lighter weight. It folds in the middle right there. Then Milwaukee, you can put different attachments on it, so you can put different kinds of attachments on it, which you cannot do with the DeWalt. So they both have two speeds. Like this one says high and low. Here you've got the switch that says rabbit and turtle. I found that in the sun. This is a little harder to see, but you can sort of tell how fast it's going. This one is a little simpler to use. 

Dewalt weed Eater 20V vs 60v

Okay, so something else I like to test is how easy is the battery to get on and off the DeWalt? Pretty simple. To take on and off, you do have to press that little button. It's got a nice big opening there. Then let's pull the trigger, see how it does. It's got the safety latch here, and then it's got variable speed. Okay, so now let's check the Milwaukee. This is kind of heavy down here at this end. So taking the battery off, you not too bad. It snaps on, it slides on and off really easily. So, yeah, not too bad. But there's definitely more weight here.

So the DeWalt, I feel like it ergonomically fits in my hand better. And I feel like this cuts at a better angle. I feel like I can just naturally hold it here and it cuts a nice level pass. Okay, so the Milwaukee I found is I found I had to kind of hold the back up a little bit for it to trim pretty good. 

I felt like when it was naturally, the string was kind of angled maybe up just a little bit. So I do think Milwaukee has a little more power. But the angle seemed better down at the head when it was naturally sitting in my hand. 

Two little schools of thought. So the Milwaukee, the motor is up here and it drives down the shaft to drive it, the DeWalt, the motor is down here at the bottom and you've got the electricity up here at the top. So with the DeWalt, you do have to keep this motor inside here will overheat. You do have to kind of keep these vents clean. And I think why I liked it ergonomically better, I liked more weight down at the bottom for the DeWalt.

DeWalt trimmer comparison

And the Milwaukee weight is up there at the top. Again, both of these are excellent trimmers. Again, Milwaukee did seem to have a little more power. So now something that may be the most important. Let's go look how easy it is to change the string. Okay, so first off, the Milwaukee will take two string types. It'll take and it will also take 95 25ft of zero 95. Normally I just put zero 80. The DeWalt only takes the string that I put in the DeWalt.

So I'm going to show you how to wind up the new string in each one. So let's say you're weed eating and the last bit of the string comes out. You're left with no string on both of them. That's good because you don't have to take the head off or apart to rewind this as long as all the string comes out. 

Now I'm going to show you Milwaukee. It's got these nice big arrows. It says align. You're going to turn it, you're going to line up these red arrows. Okay? The DeWalt I wish there may have been when I first had it, but there's no arrow on to show you which way to wind it. But it does have these little lines on the side here. 

So if these lines are not lined up, you're going to turn this until these two white lines are perfectly lined up. Now for both of them, you're going to get 20ft of string and then you're just going to feed it in one side. Now this is where Milwaukee is a little bit better. They're both pretty simple. You're just going to feed it in when these arrows are lined up, which means the stream will go from here all the way to the other side.

DeWalt vs Ryobi trimmer

And that's the Milwaukee. It does work a little bit better. Now you're going to hold this. Now, I don't have 25ft on here or 20ft on here, but to wind it, you're just going to hold the base and then this big arrow. You're going to follow the arrow and you're going to wind it up in there, the whole 20ft. 

So the DeWalt acts the same way, except sometimes it can be a little trickier getting it onto the other side. I like to make it sure it's nice and straight. Again, the arrows are lined up. You're going to poke it through. You don't have to turn it like I'm turning it. Sometimes that doesn't help, but you want it to come out the other side so it wouldn't come out the other side. It does work okay compared to how we used to string trimmers. 

This is really nice. So it did come out the other side. Now again, I wish there was like a big arrow because I kind of forget which way to windy. So when you've got 20ft of string equally on each side, so 10ft on each side, then you're going to hold this and turn this base to call this counterclockwise to wind it up. That winds up the string. You're going to do that. It's very simple to wind up the string. So the DeWalt one and the Milwaukee one act the same way. It's just getting that initial string through there. I did find Milwaukee to be a little better. 

Milwaukee weed whacker String

So occasionally you do have to take them apart. And I just want to show you the difference. Sometimes you got to take these heads off. You don't normally have to take this off to restring it, but sometimes it does get wound up in there. This is the spool that's going to get strung up on. So when those things are aligned up, you're putting it through here and it's got to go find its way through here, here, and then the other side on the Milwaukee, they've got it just a little bit better. 

So take these two tangs off. The spool is built into this. The spool feels a little bit nicer, a little bit stronger. And there's kind of some things in there that kind of help hold the wire or the string. But they've got these little things that help line it up. So when you're putting the string through, you've got everything lined up. You're putting a string through and it's got to go through there. So there's a little channel there. It does make it a little bit easier getting that string through for the first time. Now again, normally you don't have to take these off. 

The Milwaukee one does kind of feel this feels just a little bit, maybe sturdier than the DeWalt. Okay, so now let's talk batteries. I did see a difference. The DeWalt seemed to win on the battery. But Milwaukee, at least you can see how many batteries are left. It's easy to see the DeWalt is kind of hidden down in here to see how much is left. 

Milwaukee string trimmer problems

So what I'll say about so the thing I noticed with the batteries is the Milwaukee went through batteries faster. The DeWalt, they just seem to last a little bit longer. Again, Milwaukee did seem a little bit more powerful. And I know I don't have six and eight. I've got one over there that's comparable. But right now I just got the six and the eight in here. But again, the DeWalt one did seem to last actually a lot longer than the Milwaukee. Okay, so let's talk chargers now. And here's where the DeWalt one also what I found is when I would use this entire battery on the Milwaukee, I could tell the battery was a little warm. And then the charger doesn't like it. When the battery is warm, the light would flash red. 

Now here, this one is charged up and it won't charge right away. It wants it to cool off. This one even has like a little fan that kind of kicks on in there. So it wants the battery to cool off and then it's going to charge it, which that can take a little longer. I found with the DeWalt, I can discharge this all the way down. They felt a little warm, but not too bad. 


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What is the difference between the DEWALT and MILWAUKEE Weed Eater?

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Dewalt vs Milwaukee Weed Eater: In this comparison, we will be looking at the two most popular weed eaters on the market today – the Dewalt DWMT2302KM and the Milwaukee M1828-22. Both of these machines are powerful, reliable and have a number of features that make them good choices for homeowners and professionals alike. However, there are a few key differences which we will explore in depth in this article. So read on to find out which one is right for you! 

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